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The new Grandmother Agafia cosmetic range is based on 5 powerful wild Siberian plants: 

Siberian Pine

Pine is one of the most miraculous long-living trees, for 800 years it grows in the pure woods of Siberia accumulating each year valuable substances and micronutrients.  The indigenous population of Khakassia believes it to be the embodiment of strength and power, while pine oil abundant in vitamin E is by right a folk nourishing treatment for hair and body. That is why we have created a whole series of products based on Siberian pine nut oil.

Nanai Limonnik

Limonnik is considered to be the most powerful vitamin and toning home remedy of the people of the North and the Far East. Nanai hunters carry with them dried limonnik berries, a handful of which, they say, allows them to hunt all day without eating. Limonnik boasts a high concentration of vitamins C and E, various trace elements as well as essential fatty acids. That is why we have created a whole series of products based on limonnik Nanai extract.

Wild Juniper

Juniper has long been known for its life-giving power. The people of Buryatia justly believe it to be the symbol of eternal life. The places where it grows enjoy much purer and healthier air. Having once found yourself in such a forest you will get a sensation of being filled with power and energy. Juniper provides potent antiseptic, healing and repairing effects due to the high concentration of phytoncids and tannins that is several times as great as in other coniferous species. That is why we have created a whole series of products based on Juniper.

Northern Cloudberry

Wild cloudberry is adjusted to surviving in the severe Arctic climate. Its capacity to accumulate valuable substances helps the berry resist adverse environment. Apart from valuable vitamins and micronutrients the cloudberry features a great amount of antioxidants and fatty polyunsaturated acids essential for your skin’s youth and your hair’s beauty. For this reason it is commonly known as a “youth-giving berry”. That is why we have created a whole series of products based on Northern cloudberry.

Altai Oblepikha

Oblepikha (sea buckthorn), also commonly known as a “golden tree”, is considered to be a live vitamin. In Altai its healing properties have been known for ages. Sea buckthorn oil contains vitamins ņ, ¬, Ň, —, –, ––, trace elements and a complex of polyunsaturated fatty acids featuring a potent restorative effect and a deep nourishing action. That is why we have created a whole series of products based on Altai sea buckthorn oil.

These healing plants have been used by local Siberian people for centuries to preserve skin and hair youth and beauty.

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