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08.01.2018 Fragrance SIBÉRIE MON AMOUR have got «PERFUMERY OSCAR»

The prestigious international FiFi Awards among professionals is called «Perfumery Oscar».

It's not accidental, because in choosing the best flavours take part the leading experts of the international perfume market. As a result of expert voting, awards are awarded only to the best and worthy flavours in 24 nominations.



SELECTIVE SPIRITS -  perfumes that contain only natural and natural ingredients.

Such perfumes are produced in a limited edition, and are suitable for those who are looking for their own individual fragrance. Usually this perfume is different from the usual smells.
Our collection of selective perfumes consists of from 4 different flavors, men's, women's and unisex. Perfume masters from the Provence themselves created them specifically for Natura Siberica, inspired by the many-sided and faraway Siberia.
27.11.2017 The company OU Eurobio Lab took part in the exhibition Natural Products Scandinavia 2017

Eurobio Lab company has participated in the Natural Products Scandinavia 2017 exhibition.

OU Eurobio Lab has presented the Organic Shop brand at the International exhibition of the natural environmental friendly cosmetics and natural products taking place from November 15 to November 16, 2017 in Malmö (Sweden).

Natural Products Scandinavia is the largest trade exhibition of the Northern region specializing in natural and organic cosmetics and food.

19.10.2017 NEW PRODUCTS OF 2017

In 2017 Eurobiolab has released several new series such as White Agafia, Natura Siberica Northern Line.

By the end of the year production will start to produce a new product line - Siberie Mon Amour by Natura Siberica, which was developed from natural ingredients specially for gentle skin care of face, body and hair.

18.09.2017 The Northern Cleansing Collection by NATURA SIBERICA
Eurobio Lab presents a new line Northern Collection by NATURA SIBERICA in the basis of which lay the knowledge and recipes of the northern peoples.
The collection aims at filling the needs of every skin type thanks to a unique blend of coal and wild Siberian herbs or berries.

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