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What’s New

2019-05-01 Natura Siberica created a new line based on Hydrolate.

New Certified hair care products based on Hydrolate – a concentrated cocktail of vitamins and minerals received from plants by distillation. Classic hair care now even more effective.

Now certified with ECOCERT Cosmos Organic and Vegan Society.

What is  hydrolate?

Hydrolate is the most mysterious product known since ancient times, also often called floral or fragrant water. In modern cosmetology, they are again gaining their popularity due to their unique properties and natural origin.

How to get hydrolate?

Herbal raw materials are put on a lattice in the distillation chamber. Below, distilled water is boiling. Steam from the boiling water passes through the raw materials, rises and collects in the condensing chamber. There it, having cooled, forms two fractions: oil and water. The essential oils – which have aromatic components, and the hydrolate, which contains a small quantity of essential oil and other water-soluble agents from the plant.


Benefits of hydrolate.

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